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13 Ways You Know You’re a WVU Student

1. You know the difference between the new Kroger and “Kroghetto”.

2. You understand that Thursday nights are sacred, and embarassing. We all praise you free liquor.

3. You sign a lease in November for a nearly condemned house.

4. You have an unexplainable urge to yell “EAT SHIT PITT!” in any situation, at any time, without any reason.

5. You have been asked “You going out tonight?” everytime you walk to class.

6. You have skipped a work out because the Life Science stairs were enough. 

7. You know there is a place called Slut Dungeon, and you have been to that place….multiple times.

8. You have planned your class schedule around what nights you like to go out.

9. You have walked from the library straight to the bar since it’s a block away.

10. You have gone to Los and automatically assumed it’s someones birthday.

11. You have ate Casa drunk, and you have also regretted eating Casa drunk.

12. You have ruined multiple pairs of heels within a few wears.

13. You have never got sick of hearing Country Roads, and it still makes you emotional.

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