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12 Thoughts That Run Through a Girls’ Mind When She Meets a Cute Boy

Girls are known for acting a little bit crazy which is usually only a stereotype but we can’t pretend like our hearts don’t beat out of our chests when we make eye contact with our dream boy. When it comes to us meeting cute boys, we tend to go a little bit overboard. We just can’t help it, it’s uncontrollable to think these things. The worst part is, these thoughts run through our mind within a 30 second span.

1. OMG is he real?


2. I need him


3. Ugh he’s definitely too cute for me


4. Maybe we can be friends?


5. Oh no, we can’t be friends because I think I’m in love

6. Maybe I’ll see him out this weekend *texts everyone she knows to see if they know what bar he’ll be headed to*

7. I call dibs on him


8. Would it be weird if I asked for his number?

9. Yeah that’s weird, I’ll just stare instead

10. Now I look creepy, he hates me

11. Am I turning red? He definitely knows I think he’s cute


12.  What’s his name? I need to stalk him ASAP

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