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11 Signs You Have A Bad Case Of Senioritis

You’ve done it.  You’re finally a senior.  It seems like just yesterday you were a nervous freshman walking around campus completely clueless.  You thought you were never going to get the hang of it.  But, you’re almost done, and you basically know this university like the back of your hand.  With graduation plainly in sight, you can’t help but feel sad to leave, but also happy to go.  Senior year can really be emotional, but as a senior you just don’t have time for that.  Here are 10 signs you’ve got a bad case of senioritis:

1.  You have a hard time getting out of bed to go to class in the morning.

You’re so done with setting an alarm, waking up, hopping in the shower, getting dressed, and trying to make it to class on time.  You know the drill all to well.

2.  You have no motivation to study.

Instead of actually studying, you think of how many tests you’ve probably studied for over the past four years here as a college student.

3.  Your procrastination level is at an all-time high.

Sure, we all procrastinate, but it’s so bad now that you often find yourself literally finishing a 10-page paper seconds before it’s due.  Once you turn that paper in, you usually check your graduation countdown calendar to help lower that intense stress level you have going on.

4.  You don’t feel like going out on weekends anymore.

You’ve been doing this for a while now, and it’s starting to feel really old.  You feel really old.

5.  But you really enjoy happy hour.

Happy Hour is the best hour.  After that 10-page paper, you’re ready for it.

6.  You take a lot of naps.

We all take naps because college is hard, but as a senior they almost feel completely necessary like you won’t be able to function without them.  And forget pulling all-nighters anymore, that’s just a thing of the past.

7.  You don’t get nervous for huge exams.

At this point, you’ve come to realization that you’re only going to do the best that you can so you don’t even stress about it. 

8.  Your appearance seems to be lacking motivation.

Why dress up and look nice when you can wear sweats and be super comfortable?  Sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth it.

9.  You find it harder to pay attention in class.

Ugh, so much effort.

10.  You spend a lot of time looking at job postings.

You’d much rather plan your next step in life than focus on homework.  It’s exciting to plan the future.

11.  You can’t help but obsess over graduation day.

You’re excited to finally walk across the stage and get your diploma.  You literally can’t wait to experience that moment.  Everyday you think about it at least one.  When all motivation is gone to do school work, thinking about graduation day helps.

When senioritis hits, it’s important to remember that you’re almost done.  We have to power through and finish with a bang.  Enjoy the time you have left.  Good luck class of 2016!

Kaitlyn is a senior print journalism major at West Virginia University with a minor in music performance.  She enjoys writing, playing music, being outdoors and binge watching Netflix.
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