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10 Times Joey Tribbiani Was Your Spirit Animal

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

There is no one more relatable and more hilarious to watch than the one and only, Joey Tribbiani. So it would only be fair to assume that almost everyone has considered him their spirit animal at least once while watching all 10 seasons of Friends.


1. When he made us all wish that our fridge was broken so that we could pull a Joey

2. When he showed us exactly how to block out everything we didn’t want to hear

3. Whenever he danced

4. Oh and that time he stuck his head in a turkey

5. When he called Chandler out for not crying when we all wanted to do the same

6. When he wore almost every piece of clothing Chandler owned because Chandler hid his clothes

7. When he cared so much about his career that he actually did a commercial for men’s lipstick

8. Every single time he was ever confused (which was pretty often) 9. What about the time he checked his own (sand) body out

10. And of course, when he made it clear that he doesn’t share food (and gave you the courage to say the same)

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