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Engineers listen up! Think about your last engineering course and count the number of women in there. There aren’t many, despite their superior engineering skills. Yes, women stray from STEM fields, even though the field needs women for their intellectually diverse viewpoints.

Contrary to popular beliefs, nothing indicates that a woman’s math skills are inferior to a man’s. Research shows that female engineering students operate better than men. The Journal of Higher Education reveals that GPA favors women by 0.1 points. If a man earns a 3.8 in his engineering courses, a woman earns a 3.9 in those courses, demonstrating their scholastic validity in engineering. Female engineers score higher scholastically- who’s to say their work as engineers will be different?

Some engineers might say that opposing brain chemistries change the thought process of a potential engineer. True, their neural chemistry differs, but the institution of science outweighs that outlandish argument. According to a study on developmental thought, major schooling in sciences creates a new set of rationale processes. Involvement in scientific fields reinvents rational concepts of operation within the minds for men and women. Hence, physiological gender differences don’t affect an engineer’s process.

So, engineers, I ask you again to think- if two people build bridges, then can you judge by the gender of its creator? No; any judgement considering the implications of gender disregards the intellectually validity of 3.8 billion people, an insult to the masses of women in engineering everywhere. Do not disregard that truth. 

Women are just as qualified, if not more, than men! Think about it. 

I am a Mechanical Engineering student at Washington State University. I love to play tennis, read books, and play with my cat.
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