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On the Road: Driving Home for Spring Break

Long car ride? Don’t know what to do?

My first time driving to Pullman, I dreaded the long car ride. Five hours with nothing to do. For a portion of the drive, I don’t have phone service, which prevents me from watching Netflix.

Do you get bored during long car rides? Need some suggestions on what to do?

Here you go…


Nothing is worse than realizing you have no music downloaded to your phone…  I use Spotify and do not have the music downloaded to my phone. At school, I have Wi-Fi everywhere, so I’d save phone storage by just streaming the music instead. However, I highly recommend having music to listen to. Create a playlist specially for the drive. Nothing is better than blasting the music in your car and singing along solo (or with a friend).


Long car rides with your best friends? I think yes!! Just recently I went on a five-hour drive with two of my best friends. It was nothing short of amazing. It could have been long, boring and tiring. Instead, we just listened to music and would sing along. It is even better when you rotate who has the aux, because everyone has different music tastes. Maybe you’ll find some new songs you didn’t think you’d like.


As a person who always gets hungry during a long drive, I highly recommend bringing snacks. Do not bring something too messy, you won’t be able to go to the bathroom to clean up unless you find a rest stop. For me, I love to bring a bottle of water, some fruit (i.e. grapes, bananas, strawberries, etc.), chips or cookies. Nothing beats a good road trip snack!


During a long car ride, I tend to fall asleep at some point. Now cars are not the best place to sleep, leaning against the window is not fun. It causes your head to hit the glass every time you go over a bump, or the vibration of the car’s engine makes it hard to fall asleep. Getting comfortable in a car is possible, and bringing a pillow contributes to that tremendously.


Watching a movie makes the car ride go by very fast. Download a movie, or your favorite TV show, before hitting the road. If you download it prior to your trip, you can stream it regardless of your access to Wi-Fi. A two-hour movie will distract you for almost half of your drive (depending on where you’re going). This is a great way to distract yourself. If you’re watching a great movie, time will fly.


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