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Let’s Start to Binge-TV Shows to Watch Now

As much as we like to tell our parents that we are drowning in school work, we all have those days when all we want to do is sit in our bed, eat some popcorn and binge-watch shows, either shows that have been around for a while like Friends and Gossip Girls, or new shows like Black Mirror, Stranger Things, and Glow. Before you start binge-watching Gilmore Girls for the 10 time, let’s look that the best shows to binge.  

Stranger Things

The new season is better than ever and you must catch up before season three comes out. This show follows a group of boys in small-town Indiana in the 1980's. It seems like just a normal town when strange things start going on, one of the boys goes missing and the team gets together to try to find him with the help of their new interesting friend, Eleven. This show has a lot of twists and turns and to be honest I thought I was going to completely hate it, but I couldn't stop watching it.

Black Mirror

This show talks about our society in a way that makes it interesting to binge watch. Each episode is stand-alone which always makes new episodes exciting. There are so many twists and turns that when you think you know what’s happening, you really don’t. According to girls in my sorority, don’t watch this show in the dark.

Parks and Rec (one of my favorites)

I put this one in, cause Parks and Rec is my favorite show and you can binge all the seasons now. This show follows the Parks Department in Pawnee, Indiana. I swear I never laughed harder in my life. This show is a good break from all the dramatic and scary shows on TV now. I’ve watched the show three times and I might just binge it tonight.


Orange is the New Black

All I need to say is Donna from That 70’s Show is in it, so you better be watching. This show follows a woman’s life in prison, and the relationships she builds with her inmates. Orange is the New Black follows a public relations executive on her journey in prison after she is convicted of her association with a drug runner 10 years earlier. The show is based on a book that dives deep into a women’s prison and shows the day to day like of these strong women. 


This last show, starring Alison Brie, follows an out-of-work actress in Los Angeles who stumbles upon an all-female wrestling league. Her and 12 other out-of-work women wrestle alongside each other in this show based in the 1980's, where they show off the big hair and colorful makeup but also how tuff these women were.   

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