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Last Minute Costume Ideas



If you’re like me, you procrastinate most things to the last minute, including your Halloween costume. Before college, I wasn’t a big fan of Halloween, but after experiencing Halloweek for the first time, I am a changed woman. Halloween in college is a completely different animal, than in high school, and I love it.

Here at Washington State University, the partying starts a week before Halloween, and ends that night. There are frat parties, house parties, and events at the bar if you happen to be of age. Because there are parties every night for seven days, students often dress up in multiple different costumes, which is one of the reasons Halloween is much more fun in college. But it also presents a problem: Getting a lot of costumes.

So if you’re like me and waited until now to figure out your costume situation, I’ve got you covered. Here is a list of five last minute, but cute, Halloween costumes:

#1 The Sexy Devil

Before this year, I was wary of getting sexy for Halloween, but now that I have, I’m all for it. Last week for my roommates and I’s Halloween party, I was a devil. My costume consisted of red flare pants, a red bralette, and a devil horns headband. Have your friend be an angel, and you have the perfect duo.

#2 Sexy Schoolgirl

This one is a classic. All it requires is a button up, and a plaid skirt. If you add a black tie, and a headband, you can go as Blair Waldorf.

#3 Hippie

If you’re feeling chill vibes this year, being a hippie for a Halloween is very easy to put together. It’s likely that you will have the items in your closet to put it together. Leave your hair down, and tie a bandana across your forehead, or throw some flowers or feathers in your hair. Draw a peace sign on your cheek with an eyeliner pencil. Put on some flare pants, and a tie dye tee shirt and you’re ready to go.

#4 Vampire

This costume is perfect for the person with all the basics. All you need is a black top, and some black pants, or a black dress to simplify things. It could be jeans, or leggings, and a t shirt or crop top. If you have fake blood product, great, but if not, and you don’t have time to get any, just use red lipstick to draw blood coming from your mouth. If you want to spice it up, some fake fangs will always do the trick.

#5  Cat

This is perhaps the easiest Halloween costume of all time. All you need is an eyeliner pencil to draw cat whiskers.  You can spice it up with a black dress, or keep it simple with a black tee and black leggings.

Have fun, but remember to be safe. Stay spooky folks.

I'm a sophomore at Washington State University, currently studying English, Journalism/Media Production, and Digital Technology and Culture. In my free time, I can be found editing videos, writing for HerCampus, and traveling, in order to further get to know the world and myself. My passion resides in advocating for human rights, spreading awareness, and manifesting creativity. I plan to attend grad school, and work in the film industry, in one way or another. A random fact about me is that I started my own photography business when I was fifteen, and I still have it to this day!
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