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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WSU chapter.

More recently than ever, I have felt like the world is imploding in on me. With frequent shootings, sexual assault and rape cases going without consequences, and widespread racial and gender injustice, I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed. I have wished for a day off, a day away from the brutal reality that is life in 2018. But I realized, instead of wishing for it, I can make it happen for myself. So here are a few self care ideas to do when things get to be a little too much.

1. Give yourself a few extra hours in the morning

Go to bed a little earlier, so that you can get up a little earlier, and enjoy a few hours to yourself before you head to class or work.


2. Call Someone You Love

This could be a parent, a friend, a significant other, anyone really, as long as you love them.


3. Drink some tea, put on a face mask, and take a bath

Have a relaxing evening to yourself, or with some friends. Tune out of social media, and tune in to relaxing.

4. Take a weekend getaway

Travel a few miles out of town to an area without service. Get away from your responsibilities, and get connected with nature.


5. Watch the sunset

When I was a freshman in college, I would climb out of my window onto the roof nearly every night to watch the sunset. It probably was against the rules, but it was worth it. Even if you can’t climb out your window onto the roof, look out the window, or drive to a lookout and watch the sunset with some good company or by yourself.


6. Watch your favorite tv show

This is more of an escapist activity, but I think it’s fine, as long as it’s not your primary coping strategy.


7. Be more mindful

Instead of walking to class or walk with your headphones in, take them out. Focus on your feet as they hit the ground with each step. Look around, make eye contact with the people you pass, and smile at them. This always makes me feel better.

8. Tell someone you love them

Text, or call someone you love and let them know.


9. Surprise someone with a gift

Venmo a friend $5 so they can treat themselves. From experience, I can say, the recipient will love this regardless.


10. Give a hug

Recently, my best friend Zoe and I have vowed to hug more often. Now, whenever I’m feeling stressed, I go to her and ask for a hug, and she does the same with me. When I was in high school, I would hug my parents daily. I

11. Write a list of things you are grateful for

Write down anything or anyone you can think of, even if it’s something small like your morning cup of coffee.


12. Meditate

When you breathe in, say this to yourself “inhale positive energy, exhale negative energy.”

– It’s always beneficial to be active, and make your voice heard, but sometimes you just need some time to yourself to focus on love when the world feels full of hate.



If you have any self care activities that you like to do, comment them below!





I'm a sophomore at Washington State University, currently studying English, Journalism/Media Production, and Digital Technology and Culture. In my free time, I can be found editing videos, writing for HerCampus, and traveling, in order to further get to know the world and myself. My passion resides in advocating for human rights, spreading awareness, and manifesting creativity. I plan to attend grad school, and work in the film industry, in one way or another. A random fact about me is that I started my own photography business when I was fifteen, and I still have it to this day!
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