Zombie vs. Zombie

While the era of supernatural romance seems to be ending in teen fiction, zombies are just as popular as ever. iZombie, which premered March 17 on the CW is one of the newest additions to the hoard.

The show is based off of a DC comic. However the two differ, which gives readers and viewers a different experience! The main character of iZombie is named Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore -- a play on her undead status -- while her comic book counterpart is named Gwen.

Gwen has a completely different set of friends and exists in a world where she’s not the only supernatural creature in existance. She’s left behind her family and works as a grave digger. Liv, on the other hand, was a promising doctor who traded her job to work in the morgue after becoming a zombie, and according to the creators only zombies exist in Liv's universe.

Both versions of the character rely on brains to avoid going ‘full zombie-mode’.  They also temporarily retain some of the memories and personality traits of the person whose brain they eat. Liv uses this ability to solve crimes, while Gwen uses them to make paintings. The comic book and the show add a unique twist to the otherwise mindless creatures from other adaptions like The Walking Dead. What makes this genre so popular is up for speculation, but both series are worth checking out if you want the zombies but not the horror and dystopian setting.