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Today is the midterm election. I’m sure you all have heard “this is the most important election ever!!” which I’ve heard basically every election since I was of age to vote. Each election is extremely important, but personally I see the presidental elections as the “most important” ones. But that does not mean this election isn’t important.

I don’t want to pump meaningless information into your brain, so I’ll keep this short. This photo I found through instagram is what sparked my personal interest in the vote. 

I am by no means a politics buff, or as informed as someone who has been following the election for months; but I do feel passionate about the topics that are being debated. As we get older, things that happen through the government begin to have a larger effect on us and our future. The issues that are being debated are the big issues that we hear everywhere, especially on twitter. Immigration. Taxes. Health care. These are all things that will effect us at some points in life. We are given the option to put our say in about who is controlling these things, it’s silly to not use our voice. Also, the legalization/decriminalization of marijuana is a topic that has been debated heavily and something that us as young adults seem to have a strong opinion on. 

Not to mention the struggles that women went through in order for us as FEMALES to have the right to vote. 

That is all. Educate yo self and go vote today!!

Julia is a communications major from William Paterson University who has always had a passion for writing.
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