Whimsy Wednesday: Winter Dates In Edition

Hey there, collegiettes. The weather outside is frightful, but your love life can remain delightful! The wintertime is pretty daunting when it comes to coming up with creative dates, but there are plenty of options for date night in that are equally as romantic (if not more so, due to the cozier ambiance). Here are some winter date night in ideas!


1. Nerf Gun War

Honestly this is the best way to burn off some extra energy and create lots of laughter and play. Just because we're in college doesn't mean we can't still act like kids! Keep score and have a prize at the end, like whoever loses pays for take out or gives the other a massage. Make forts to protect yourselves. Do whatever your little heart desires, just.. don't shoot in the eyes. Coming from experience, this is far from romantic when you're scrounging for ice and apologizing profusely.


2. Bake Something Sweet Together

This can go either really well, or a total disaster. But either way it is always a winner. My boyfriend and I have cooked together, and I'll admit we have very different palates but the process of coming together, separating tasks, and coming up with something somewhat edible is always loads of fun. I suggest going for cupcakes since that tends to be harder to mess up than cookies, which can overburn or undercook quite easily.


3. Game Night

This can either be a group date in or find some awesome two player games like bananagrams or monopoly or even scrabble! If your boyfriend is an avid gamer maybe join in an online game. (I suggest Wizards101; you can chat, and it's easy for those of you who aren't exactly a pro gamer.)


4. Make a Pizza

Now I know what you're thinking: Didn't' I just suggest baking? Isn't that the same thing? Wrong. This is close to one of my most favorite dates up to, well, date! It's so much fun to make pizza from scratch, and it's a lot easier than people initially think. Rolling out the dough can be nerve wracking, but don't worry; the point isn't to make a prize winner. The best part is personalizing each personal pizza or half of a large pie into whatever you want. I'm a more-sauce-and-less-cheese type of girl so this is crucial to me when I'm with someone who prefers a deep dish high-cheese type of slice. 


The point is to be creative and have some fun! Find something you're both into or try something entirely new together! Craft, knit, color, build something -- the possibilities are endless! Have fun and stay warm this winter, but most importantly: Happy Holidays!