Whimsy Wednesday: New York Edition

The holiday season is over, so now what? It may seem like theres nothing to do anymore but wait for the next snow storm for some excitement, but you're wrong! One of the perks of going to Willy P is how close we are to the city. No, not Paterson; New York! That's right, New York, New York (cue Frank Sinatra). If you're a regular to the City then chances are you might know about these awesome events, but chances are you haven't participated.


1. Restraunt Week

This amazing event happens twice a year in various cities throughout the US, and obviously New York has to be one of them! Over 300 restraunts offer top notch food for discounted prices. A 3-course meal for $38 in a four-star or five-star restraunt? Yes, please! If you're a foodie, definitely check this out! Tickets go on sale February 2, and the event goes from Feb. 16- March 6. Get your eat on, collegiettes. 


2. Fashion Week

For all of my fashionistsas out there, fashion week is coming up! Feb.12-19 are the magical dates, and although shows are invite only it's still a great time for street style inspo and to get into the excitement. That's minus the paparazzi (unless you are the paparazzi). If you want to check it out, hang out around Lincoln center between those dates. Chances are you'll catch some insanely beautiful people dressed impeccably well. 


3. Broadway Week

Any musical theater lovers out there? If so, Broadway week might be for you! It started January 20 and continues until Feb. 5! Tickets are sold 2-for-1, and some of these shows are top notch. Check it out now before time runs out! I heard that Matilda is a must-see and its on the list of shows for discounted tickets. I'd say its a great date night or girl's night out.


Hope these gave you inspiration on things to do throughout February, the hangover month of the holiday season (Valentine's Day aside). Have a great start of your semester!



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