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When You’re Stuck In Jersey For Spring Break

Spring Break isn’t always about beaches and tanning! As much as we would love to do that, many people have to work or don’t have the means to plan such a great get away.  But luckily, we live in such a place that we can go anywhere and have an amazing time.  Just because we aren’t 30 margaritas deep in Mexico, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our time off after midterms!

New Jersey is a great place to live because we live close to two major cities, the shore, and we are the home to some of the greatest hiking spots, food spots, and more!

Plan an NYC Trip

  • Visit the museums 
  • The World Trade Center 
  • The Highline 
  • Times Square
  • Central Park
  • Bryant Park 
  • Ferry to Statue of Liberty

And when the adventure is over? Maybe try out these amazing places for lunch that we see all over instagram!

Black Tap NYC

Aside from these monstrous milkshakes, they’re food is pretty amazing too! 

John’s Pizzeria Time’s Square

Fresh, Hot, Brick Oven Pizza located in the middle of times square.  Don’t be fooled by what it looks like from the outside!

Holey Cream!

If you love donuts and you love ice cream, you will absolutely love this place! Your choice of donut, ice cream, and toppings! 

Amorino USA

Gelato all the way! And this place you can add as many flavors as you can! They also have hot beglain waffles and crepes!

Plan a Trip to Philly

Home of the one and only Philly Cheesesteak! Spend the day site seeing and seeing all the historic monuments.  And run off those calories up the Rocky steps!

Go for a Hike!

Hiking Trails to checkout:

  • Ramapo Reservation
  • Buttermilk Falls
  • Tillman Ravine
  • Hacklebarney State Park
  • Boardwalk Hike, Appalachian Trail
  • Thompson Park
  • Cove Trail, Manasquan Reservoir
  • Giant Stairs Palisades Interstate Park
  • Bear Mountain State Park
  • Fort Lee Historic Park

Visit the Shore

Well, obviously it isn’t the ideal “beach trip” one would want for spring break.  But it definitely is fun just walking on the sand bundled up and listening to the waves. Grab a couple of friends, some dunkin, and some throwbacks going on the road and you are set! It is a relaxing adventure especially dealing with the first half of a difficult semester. Breaks are supposed to be relaxing after all!

St. Patrick’s Day

Irish or not, we college kids love St. Patty’s day! Grab some friends and go bar hopping whether it be in the NYC, Philly, Hoboken, Seaside, Morristown, or Pearl River! Every hometown has their spots! Don’t forget to wear your green and put down those Irish Carbombs!


A place to make you feel as free as a five year old! Pay $20 for an hour of jumping, basketball, dodgeball, and volleyball all on trampolines! Believe me, one hour is more than enough time you’ll need!

Krispey Kreme

As you probably heard, a shop opened in Jersey City.  Krispey Kreme is a sensation of a donut shop that seems to be almsot impossible to enjoy when you live in New Jersey. But not anymore! We are no longer deprived of the delicious fresh, hot donuts that we only seem to be able to get when we travel to other states.  Take a trip down because I guarantee you, they are worth it and you will never want Dunkin again! (maybe not true, but you well never have it the same)

Brownstone Pancake Factory

This place is 100% on my spring break bucket list! Crazy milkshakes, hot chocolate, pancakes, and so much more! Right in Edgewater across the river from the big apple you can enjoy so much sweetness here!

It is always possible to stay local and still have a great spring break! It’s a time just to spend time with friends and not have to worry about being back in time for class or homework.  Use this week off to do things that you never had time to do during the semester and make the most of it!

Alexis hails from Bergen County, New Jersey and is a junior at William Paterson University. To her friends she's known as Alexis or Lex. She studies Media Production and Graphic design and plans to study marketing or sports management. She also works for WPU Recreational Services as a Fitness Center attendant and videographer. Alexis is a sports junkie, especially for the New York Yankees. She also loves film, television, social media, and playing sports. Her dream one day is to work in the sports media industry whether it is behind the scenes or being the next Erin Andrews! Her favorite shows are Friends and Friday Night LIghts, her favorite movies are The Dark Knight trilogy and Back To The Future. She enjoys all music from Rap to Country. She can mostly be found either studying in Hobart Hall or working out in the Rec Center.
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