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    Valentine’s Day undoubtedly looks different this year due to COVID-19, but we still have plenty of alternative ways to celebrate. Spread the love from home by hosting a virtual Valentine’s Day party!


1. Paint and Sip

    As a studio art major, this one is my personal favorite. Gather your friends on a video call and get creative! No painting skills are required – Pinterest is the perfect source of inspiration for easy abstract paintings. Add in a fun drink and you’re good to go! Hot chocolate bombs have been taking over social media and I highly recommend them as a Valentine’s Day party favor.


2. Mood Boards

    If painting isn’t your forte, you can opt for a mood board party instead. You and your loved ones can collage images you like on a physical board or digitally on Canva. You can cover the board with images that you like, pictures with memories, or visuals of goals you want to accomplish.


3. Dinner and a Movie

     Dinner and a movie via watch party services is a spin on a classic Valentine’s Day date. You can host a virtual movie marathon using platforms like Kosmi, Netflix Party, and Kast. (Note: Most services require all attendees to have their own subscription to streaming platforms.)


4. PowerPoint Hangouts

     If you’ve been on TikTok, you’ve likely seen this trend going around. Everyone attending makes and presents a funny slideshow. My friends and I have tried this one and immediately decided we needed to do it again. Some examples include: “My Classes as Spongebob Memes” and “Reality TV Shows You Would Thrive On”.


5. Game Night

    There are lots of options for hosting a digital game night, such as jigsaw puzzles, card games, escape rooms, and more. My top two recommendations are Among Us and playingcards.io on your computer. Playing Cards has a variety of multiplayer games like Joking Hazard and Crazy Eights. The games are played on your browser – no downloading necessary.

I am a sophomore at William Paterson University studying Studio Art.
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