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The Ultimate Guide to Roadtripping

Whether you’re taking a weekend trip with your friends or roadtripping down the coast for spring break, long car rides can bring out the worst in us. They’re exhausting, boring and you want to just get there already! As an experienced roadtripper myself, I have gone on long car trips with friends, family, and my significant other (they all are equally stressful, I promise). Through my journies, I have found some tips and tricks to keep your trip running smoothly with minimal screaming and fighting involved.


Make a detailed packing list and actually pack at least a day in advance.

No one wants to be scurrying around their house 30 minutes before they’re supposed to leave looking for that shirt their sister took three weeks ago. This always leads to forgetting something important like underwear or your toothbrush. Do your laundry and lay everything out so you can make sure you aren’t packing too much. Making a paking list in advance helps you make sure you are 100% prepared and aren’t stuck driving around your destination looking for somewhere to buy some socks.


Speaking of packing…Check your destination’s weather before you pack!

The worst scenario you can be in is to pack only warm-weather clothing and then arrive in Florida to 50 degree temperatures (not kidding, this happened to me, but I was prepared!). By checking the forecast, you can be sure you are ready for anything.


Bring snacks. Lots of them.

You can really never bring enough food on a long roadtrip. Anything you don’t eat in the car you can always eat when you get there! I like to bring things like sandwiches, sliced veggies or fruit, and hard-boiled eggs, because they’re generally healthy, easy to eat, and will sustain you pretty well. Bringing plenty of food can also cut down on food costs on the road!


Bring your favorite blanket and pillow.

If you can, taking a nap in the car while a companion drives is a smart idea. Take off your shoes and make sure you dress nice and comfy. You can clear off the back seat or just recline in the front! You should strategically work out driving shifts so that everyone can get some shut-eye and you arrive at your destination awake and safely.



I’m pretty sure this one goes without saying. If you’re driving, stock up on some coffee, energy drinks, or whatever else keeps you going. Driving a long time will make you tired, and you need to fight it until your turn is over. If you ever feel too tired, absolutely pull into a rest stop or a parking lot and power nap.


Make a killer playlist.

Nothing keeps you going like screaming along to the N*SYNC Pandora station for hours on end. Create a playlist on your phone, find the perfect radio station, or use an app. Whatever you use, good music will keep you awake and having fun!


Happy travels!









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