Survival Tips For Homecoming

It’s that time of year again! Homecoming is right around the corner (Oct. 1) and I’m sure you’re all super excited to tailgate and hopefully watch our football team win! Here are some survival tips to help you fully enjoy your day at WPU’s Homecoming. 


  1. Willy P Gear

Remember all of those free wpu t-shirts you’ve been given throughout your college years? It’s time to take them out and put them to good use! It’s crucial you wear something Willy P because EVERYONE will be wearing it and you don’t want to be that guy...

2. Food/Water

Naturally, we all know that you’ll be most likely drinking heavily at the tailgate, but it’s super important you take breaks to inhale some food and water. Luckily, Willy P Alumni always have refreshments and free food available for us during the day. 

3. Money

Don’t forget your money! You won’t need any for tailgating or participating in activities near the football game, BUT you should always bring some type of money in case of emergencies. And by emergencies I mean after tailgating is over and you have the munchies and NEED to go to Quick Chek!

4. Naps

We all love our naps as college students and it’s SUPER important you take one throughout the day. Between going to the game/tailgating and then going out at night you’re going to need to rest. 

5. Know Your Limit! 

We all have the one friend that always gets obliterated every time you go out! Don’t be that person, especially during Homecoming. You should want to remember your Homecoming experience, so if you have to space out your drinks definitely do it. 

6. Homework

The most important survival tip-do you homework that’s due for the next week ahead of time. There is nothing worse than going out ALL weekend and having a six page paper to due on Sunday night and the room is still spinning (FYI if that’s still happening by Sunday you should probably go to a doctor or just not drink that much :)