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The Stages of Spring Cleaning Your Room Told By The Cast Of Jersey Shore

1. When someone tells you that you should probably start cleaning

I mean, they weren’t wrong but still… RUDE.


2. When you realize how messy your room actually is

It’s definitely time to start cleaning.


3. Taking out all of the dishes and trash you’ve been ignoring

Yeah, those 6 coffee mugs need to be disinfected at this point.


4. Putting your dirty laundry in the wash

Ah laundry, the worst part of any cleaning schedule.


5. Getting weirdly attached to the junk you find in your drawers

You haven’t used or thought about it in at least two years, but it WILL be useful one day. 


6. When the reality of the mess you have created sets in

Maybe it’s time to call for backup.


7. Trying to put a fitted sheet on your mattress 

We all know they never fit on the first try.


8.  When it feels like you’ve been cleaning forever and are still not done

You begin accepting your new life as a professional slob.


9. Waking up from the nap you accidentally took 

Cleaning out your entire room is a real energy drainer. 


10. When going through all of your clothes made an even bigger mess than you started with

Now you have 12 piles of clothes and forgot what each pile is for


11. When you wipe down the last surface in your room and bask in the amazing work you just did

The room is finally all the way clean!! Time to go to Karma to celebrate. 

Julia is a communications major from William Paterson University who has always had a passion for writing.
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