Spring Trend Alert: Kimonos

Sometimes all a girl needs is the perfect accent piece to make her outfit of the day totally work. Most times we choose jewelry or a headpiece to complete the look, but why not go bold? Why not try out a kimono? It’s up and coming in the fashion world and is the perfect addition to your closet for spring! They’re light and airy so you won’t be sweating up a storm, and they come in almost any color, pattern, or length. Get to it, collegiettes!




ASOS has such a broad selection of kimonos that your check-out cart will be absolutely filled with them! Be bold and go for a full-length or mid-length kimono to give off a super cute boho vibe! We love the crazy patterns on these ASOS kimonos above; pair either one with a simple outfit, and the kimono will speak for itself. 



Forever 21 pairs both outrageous colors and patterns together to make the perfect mix. We love shorter kimonos as well! They're still a major statement piece, but some people just prefer them shorter! No harm, no foul.


Rock this fashion trend this spring, collegiettes!