Spring into These Makeup Trends

Hello, loves! Spring means new trends from fashion to hair to makeup! And I'm here to show you the new makeup trends!

1. Colorful Eyes

This may be scary, but take spring as a new start to try something new. You don't have to go crazy bold, but if you always wear neutrals, try pink or purple.

2. Rose Gold Eyes

Something simple, but can look GORGEOUS on any girl, no matter what!

3. Red Lippy

I love love love how this is a spring trend because I LOVE a red lip. 

4. Glitter

Festivals are upon us, and glitter is always a girl's best friend! Now we can use it everyday!

5. Personal Favorite

 I love colored eyeshadow, and I love playing with colors you normally wouldn't pair together or pairing them differently. This is my favorite look by far for Spring 2018.

Alright, loves, that's all...for now! But, here's a few tutorials for more inspiration! xoxo