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Spooky Halloween Nails that are to Die For

Halloween is upon us ladies!! The cool autumn air, the costumes, the pranks, the games, all the scary movies and most importantly the KING SIZED candy!! Soon people all across the country will gather on October 31st to celebrate a night of fun, covered in fabulous costumes, and walking blocks for candies. On this night you can spend your time in a haunted house with friends, get lit at a party, host a movie fright night or embrace your inner child by going door to door for some candy. Halloween is a night for people of all ages. Before you throw on that costume and strut in your city, check out these fun nail inspirations!

1.  Hallo-theme Nails!

When one thinks of Halloween they think of jack o’ lanterns, bats, spiders, cobwebs, and the undead. These nails are perfect for getting in the Halloween season.

2. Splattertastic Nails

Feeling a little gory this Halloween well these nails are perfect for you! Embrace your inner Jason and go crazy on your nails. 

3. Put a spell on someone with these Hocus Pocus inspired nails

“Sisters!! All Hallow’s Eve has become a night of frolic, where children wear costumes and run amok!”- Winifred Sanderson. Yes, Winifred, it has, there’s no need to spend the entire night sucking the lives out of children when there’s free candy being offered.

4. Jack Skellington Nails

Don’t these nails make you wanna sing “This is Halloween! This is Halloween!” at the top of your lungs? Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic to many. Tap into you eccentrism by painting the Pumpkin King on your nails.

5. “Quoth the raven! Nevermore!” with these Gothic nails.

These nails will have you literally slayyyyying like a Goth Queen!


Happy Halloween to you all! Enjoy your night and be fabulous!!







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