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She’s a Sweet Spice with Everything Nice-Alex Lindeman ’17

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

 HerCampus WPUNJ’s very own swoops in and amazes us all this week! She is heavily involved on campus, which is just how she likes it. You can find her almost anywhere on campus, but especially in the TV studio and Admissions. With her new recent promotion and internship she’s definitely one to watch out for! You may even want to get her autograph,  because I guarentee one day she’ll amaze us all, once again. 

Name: Alexandra (Alex) Lindeman 

Hometown: Woodstown, NJ

Major: Media Production

Year: Junior

Fun Fact: I have a hedgehog named Tuka! 



1. What activities and clubs are you in?

AL: I’m currently involved with HerCampus, TV club, and Brave New Radio along with having 3 jobs on campus. I work as a desk assistant in the residence halls and I’m a student ambassador and Pioneer Overnight Coordinator for undergraduate admissions. 

2. What’s your favorite quote? 

AL: “what goes around comes back around”

3. What’s your dream job? 

AL: I would love to be a Music Video Producer in Southern California. 

4. Where is the coolest place you’ve ever been? 

AL: I went to Jamaica when I was little and loved it. My mom filmed half of our trip with the lens cap on the camera so I’m glad I wasn’t born with her video skills. 

5. Why do you love wpu?  

AL: I love William Paterson because the campus really feels like home. I walk around and know most of the people I pass by. Plus, it’s beautiful and you wouldn’t expect that when you first here about its location, so it’s a nice surprise.


6. What made you study media production?

AL: I’ve wanted to study media production since middle school. My brother was in the communications academy that my high school offers so that made me want to join. Once I did, I fell in love.


7. Have you had any internships and explain? 

AL: I currently have an internship with BeachGlow: Concerts for Charity and it’s awesome. We are a non-profit EDM concert whose proceeds go to charity. A lot of people have this bad opinion about EDM music so I feel like we really show them what most EDM DJs are truly about. I was a brand ambassador for them last year and really proved myself so I’m so happy they allowed me to be part of their team. 


8. What do you love to do outside of school? 

AL: I love to make art and go to the city. Or better yet, make art in the city. 



9. What’s one piece of advice you want to give the world/people in it?

AL: Enjoy every ounce of your life. Never forget that there are things worth living for and that even when things get tough you’re going to come out of it a better person. Don’t let one action or one person determine your life for you. 

Hey! My name is Alex. I just recently joined Her Campus and I'm super excited about it! I'm a Public Relations Major with Minors in Media Production and Sales. I'm very involved on WPU's campus but Her Campus is an organization that I want to focus on the most!
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