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    A day of extended love, romance, and appreciation or in other words, Valentine’s Day. The societal norms based around this day is that love and appreciation are to be shared with a significant other or partner, so much so that unfortunately, the importance of self-love on this day is especially overlooked. While of course, it is of the utmost pureness to embrace and flourish in the love you share with someone, it is also important to remember to embrace yourself. And granted, something such as self-love on a day where reciprocated love is like the soul of its entirety, can be difficult. I will also add that being single makes it just about a hundred times easier to fall into a self-loathing attitude on Valentine’s Day instead of loving and appreciating yourself. But whether you are in a relationship or flying solo, you should without a doubt take time out of your Valentine’s Day to embrace yourselves. This can clearly be a challenge, but here are some key aspects to my own self-loving Valentine’s Day that might help!

Have a moment with yourself

    Take time out of your Valentine’s Day to focus on yourself. This can be done through moments of meditation, breathwork, reading a book, or just sitting in silence for a minute. The possibilities here are endless! But taking even just a minute out of your day to find peace with yourself, to just be with yourself, is one of the most mindful ways to embrace yourself.

Self-care time

    Self-care can be one of the most relaxing and pleasing aspects to embracing yourself. Facemasks, bubble baths, music therapy, and whatever else helps ease your mind and body. Self-care is an attribute to my life very often and especially on Valentine’s Day to help me focus and appreciate myself. Self-care is an absolute must-do!

Buy yourself flowers, chocolates, etc.

    Valentine’s Day is the day you buy gifts for your partner or someone you love, but there is literally nothing wrong with buying yourself a little something too! Of course, it is not all about the glitz and glam, but rewarding yourself with something as little as flowers on Valentine’s Day can boost your self-esteem. Treating yourself, especially on a day of all around treating, allows you to take a moment to truly appreciate yourself.

    So, spend your Valentine’s Day taking little moments to appreciate yourself, whether you are on your lonesome or have a person to share it with. You can always practice self-love no matter the day!

Sophomore at WPUNJ Major: English-Lit Secondary Education
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