A Reflection on My Two Years at William Paterson University

Three years ago, I was sitting at a community college thinking about what my next step in education would be after graduating with an Associates Degree in Communications. As I began to make my decision to attend William Paterson University to complete my undergraduate education, I thought long and hard about the goals I’d like to achieve at my new university. I not only wanted to receive my Bachelors Degree in Public Relations, but I also wanted to find a life beyond my career through friendships and extracurriculars.

Two years ago, I finally stepped onto the William Paterson campus for the first time as a student and realized I would face various challenges throughout my time here. I was thrown into a new school with very few people I knew but a hunger to enhance my education in public relations. I have kept the same hunger alive with not just public relations but also music management. Four years ago, I would have never expected myself to be in classes with talented musicians who knew how to play every instrument and had incredible careers waiting in their near futures. The biggest lessons I have learned at William Paterson in my short time here has been to be a supportive friend to those who are doing everything possible to succeed. I have had the fortune of meeting incredibly supportive friends who share my same passions and will continue to root for me beyond graduation.

The most important lesson I have taken from being at William Paterson is that I have found my sense of purpose in life through my classes and various entertainment internships. The last two years have cemented in my mind what I didn’t know four years ago: I have the ability to do anything I set my mind to.

I look forward to finishing my last semester at William Paterson as I began it, with a continued passion for public relations and the entertainment industry. I will leave William Paterson with a solid group of supportive friends and professors that I would have never imagined I would have in my short time at the university.