Quick On-the-Go Hairstyles

All of us college gals have those mornings where we’ve slept in a little too long, are having a rough time waking up, or just aren’t in the mood to get ready for the day. When we finally do get up, though, it’s as if we’re in a race with the clock. Since our days can consist of rushing to class, work, and any other activities we are involved in, it’s usually best to keep out hair easy and manageable.


Instead of throwing it into the infamous messy bun, you can style your hair up into something quick and easy to work with. We’ve found some hairstyles that work in just that way, making it look as if you spent more time on your hair than you actually did. These looks we’ve nicknamed “the brush and rush” hairstyles. Ones that require a few minutes, your brush, and, of course, some accessories.  


The Casual Chignon Twist 

Simple and sophisticated describe this bun’s style perfectly. This style of chignon doesn’t have to be perfect like it’s classic look, but instead can be much more laid-back. It screams 'I’m a college student hustling and bustling to do all that I must…without my hair being in my face.' The casual chignon has to be one of the easiest hair styles to master, too. All it involves is you twisting your hair into a bun at the back of your head and just pinning it into place; then you’re off to go and be superwoman! 


Headband Bun

Another easy-to-master up-do involves a favorite wrap-around headband of your choice. Accessorizing with a headband can show off your style through whichever one you choose -- from printed to bright colored ones. Place the headband securely around your hair, add Bobby pins to secure it if need be, and then just start tucking your hair into the headband. Bobby pins, of course, can be added as well if you want the strands to stay more securely in place. When all of your hair is tucked in you can play around with it, pulling out some strands or smoothing it into a more elegant style. Whatever you choose you’ll have a fun and playful hairstyle that shows off just how you are. 


Top Knot 

The top knot is definitely another classic hairstyle that has made its way into the hair of us college gals. This style is meant to look imperfect and quirky, which sounds like our type of hair when we’re in a rush. The most simple way to do this is to bend your head down, pulling all of your hair forward on top of your head, and securing it into a very high ponytail. Once done you can wrap it around into a bun adding Bobby pins to secure it or adding another hair tie over it. It doesn’t have to be perfect so don’t worry if there are strands hanging everywhere or frizz starting to show. Work with your imperfections! 


Voluminous Ponytail 

Classic ponytails sometimes can be a bit drab and boring. The voluminous ponytail acts that extra “Umph” you need giving you a chic and casual style. The secret to achieving this look is gained with one word, tease. You can either tease your roots in the front or the back, wherever you want the volume to lift in your ponytail. Once teased just smooth it down a bit, pull it into a ponytail, and add a little hair spray to keep it in place while tied back. The result you are left with is a high rise ponytail that stands out instead of its classic counterpart. 


Messy Side Braid 

Braids have to be the go to hairstyle for whenever you’re having a bad hair day or just don’t know what to do. The best part about the messy side braid is you can style it into whichever type of braid you want. Just remember that this is another hairstyle that doesn’t have to be perfect. You can always play around with it after, shake some strands, and even curl it to make it appear effortless. Definitely a cute hairstyle that takes no more than five minutes to achieve! 



Photos credited to Pinterest and Plush Studios.