Nicky Costabile '17- #WhoYouAre

Staying true to who you are is easier said than done, but singer/songwriter Nicky Costabile prides herself in being authentically herself. Though music has always been a family affair for Nicky, she has made her own path in music that she hopes to continue on far beyond graduation. Her lyrics not only embody her passion for music but also share her message of believing in continuing to see the light at the end of the tunnel no matter the situation.


Name: Nicky Costabile

Hometown: Hillsdale, NJ

Major/Year: Popular Music/ Senior

Fun Fact: I have 4 siblings. My family used to record and give out Christmas CDs instead of christmas cards.

Relationship Status: In a committed relationship with Hummus

Favorite Song: “I Lived” by One Republic

Choose three people to have dinner with – one living, one dead, and one fictional: Beyonce, Jesus and Spongebob

Involvement on Campus: I’m in a jazz vocal ensemble. I’ll also be singing at the pop showcase on December 7th in Shea 101 7pm!  (Shameless plug)

Describe yourself in a couple of words: Guacamole, Hummus and Pizza

What got you into music and performing?

I come from a musical family and have been singing since I was little.  My dad’s a musician so I grew up singing and listening to The Beatles. I have always been singing, but in high school I picked up the guitar and piano and that’s when my songwriting began.

Who are your musical influences? 

My dad, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Christina Perri, Adele, Sam Smith, Coldplay, Colbie Caillat, John Mayer,Celine Dion, Sara Bareilles, Gavin James, One Republic, Tori Kelly, this list could go on and on.. 

What is the message of your music? 

To never give up. Be yourself, always. Live in the moment. Recognize your emotions and allow music to touch you, heal you and bring you in. Music is all about reaching people. I want to bring hope to people who need it the most and show the world that you can get through whatever you are going through. You’re not alone.

Who is your music for? 

EVERYONE! Even monkeys.

What has been your greatest performance? What would be your ideal performance? 

One of my favorite performances was recently when I played at a bar and had all my friends there. I played one of my original songs and I had them all singing along to the chorus. To me that was such an amazing moment. It makes it my greatest performance because I have the most loving and supportive friends in the world. An ideal performance for me is to have people listening whether it’s 1 person or 10,000 people. (preferably at Madison Square Garden)

Any advice for people like you who are just starting out and want to pursue music? 

Don’t stop! If you have that passion for it please keep going!! People search their whole lives to find something they’re passionate about, but you already have it so embrace that and go after your goals. You literally only live one life, why wouldn’t you do something that you already love?  It sounds cliche, but it’s true.

How would you want to be remembered as? 

As someone who inspired people to be themselves, go after their goals and live a life they’re proud of.

Any exciting music projects you are currently working on? 

Yes! I have a dance song coming out on SoundCloud very soon that I wrote with my friend Justin Bocchino. I will be releasing my first original song within the next two months as a little introduction to the world of what I am all about. The message of this song is that you can get through whatever difficulties you may be facing. Regardless of the struggles, there is always hope. There's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Instagram: @nickysmusic

  • Soundcloud: Nicky Costabile

  • Twitter: @nickycostabile

  • YouTube: Nicky Costabile