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My 5 Favorite Dorm Essentials

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

I am a college freshman and the first of my family to live in a dorm. This made shopping for college beforehand hard, because we weren’t exactly sure what I would need. But now that I have been here for over a month, I’m going to share my favorite dorm essentials that I think are the most useful.

1. Bath Mat

Believe me, a bath mat saved our bathroom floor! Personally I did not think of this before I came, because its not something you normally think about to bring to college. It’s essential though, because unless you want a soaking wet floor after every shower, you are going to need something to put down to catch the water and to step on when you get out. We got a washable one so we can clean it easily if it doesn’t dry properly. A good thing about these mats is that Walmart does have ones that are cheap and it adds a personal touch to your dorm.

2. Bedside Cart

THIS is necessary for everyone. Even if you don’t raise your bed, you’re going to need something next to you to put your phone, charger, alarm clock, books, etc. I use mine every single day and store my books and essentials on it. Everything I might need to have quick access to I put on this cart, so I don’t have to waste time walking to my desk to get things. Living on campus is definitely about making things convenient for you. I got my cart at Michaels but Walmart, Target, and Hobby Lobby have options as well. I like my cart because not only does it house all of my important items, it matches the aesthetic of my room as well.

3. Lamps / Lighting

This seems like a given, but if your college is anything like mine, one central light near the door is not doing anything lighting wise. So I suggest you get multiple lamps or ways of lighting the room because when it gets dark out, it’s hard to see your all important homework. Also, if possible, I suggest you and your roommate get separate lamps so it’s not a fight over if you want the light on or off.

4. Mirrors

This is super helpful to have, because now you can check out your outfits while someone is using the bathroom. A mirror is great for multiple reasons and is something I’m sure most people will want in their room. If you like to do makeup in front of a mirror, you could get a desk mirror as well, which could be convenient if the lighting in your bathroom is not ideal. Walmart has ones that are cheap and can be propped up against the wall or hung over a door for convenience

5. Speaker

If you love music you need to bring a speaker, because sometimes you don’t want to use headphones. A speaker is something essential that a lot of people forget to bring. It’s good if you like studying with music on, if you like having dance parties in your room, or if you have friends over and want a background noise. Good thing is you can get a cheap one that will be just as effective as an expensive one. I have used my speaker almost everyday since I moved in, so I believe its essential for all music lovers to bring to college with them.

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