Matthew Alston '15: Professional Sales Star

Name: Matthew Alston
Hometown: Atco, NJ
Major: Business Management
Year: Senior
Involvement: Vice President of the R.B.I Professional Sales Club
Fun Fact: My right earlobe is bigger than my left, but I don't let it get me down.
Favorite Quote: "This too shall pass."​
HC: What inspired you to join the Professional Sales Club?
MA: My first year here I joined a bunch of clubs at WPU.  After a while, I decided that the PSC had the most to offer me, and my focus has been with the club ever since.
HC: What do you love most about being involved in the Professional Sales Club and program?
MA: I love the opportunies that the PSC has provided me.  From the networking events to the skill workshops, I have been able to obtain an internship and interview with companies for employment after college!
HC: Tell us about the speed selling competition you came in 2nd Place for. 
MA: Within the school's annual R.B.I Sales Competition, they hold a speed selling portion, in which you have to give a pitch to a representative from a real company on why they should hire you in TWO MINUTES.  It was a great experience.  I got second place and a pretty plaque.
HC: I hear that you are flying to Louisiana for a sales competition. How exciting! What is this competition for?
MA: This Wednesday I am leaving for the Louisiana "Bayou Classic."  Alongside a team of three other students (two of which are active members of the sales club), we are going there to individually compete in a role-play competition in which we have to sell a payroll service to the judges.  Although there are schools from all over the country participating, the first place trophy will be coming home to WPU!
HC: What is your favorite thing about WPUNJ (besides the Professional Sales club!)? 
MA: This is my last semester before I graduate, so I have seen it all as a pioneer.  Looking back at my time here I would have to say my favorite aspect would be the people.  I have met some amazing/crazy/smart students and created some of the best memories with them.  I will have some awesome stories to tell my kids about my time here. 
HC: What do you hope to accomplish within the next year? 
MA: I am going to be one of the top salesmen for whichever company is fortunate enough to have me on their team. 
HC: If you were to give freshmen WPU students advice, what would it be? 
MA: When I moved here as a freshmen I didn't know anybody at this school.  I ended up meeting so many people by just putting myself out there.  The comfort zone is over-rated.  Take risks.  You will never know what could have happened if you don't.