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Dear Present Jules, 


    I know life has thrown you for a loop recently, but there’s something you should know. You’re going to be okay. Change can be scary, but it can also bring you amazing opportunities you never saw coming. So embrace this time you have, see what’s out there.


     Thinking about the future isn’t always our favorite thing to do, but you and I both know we are capable of doing amazing things. It’s okay that you feel a little lost. Believe it or not, you’re not the only one who isn’t sure of what’s next. 


    You’re young, the world is wide and unpredictable, it’s normal to not have everything figured out. What’s meant for you will find you, but you have to be brave enough to go after it.


    Things aren’t always going to make sense at first. It may hurt right now, but one day you’ll understand why things worked out the way that they did. Not everyone is meant to be a part of your life for good. You have been through enough to know that everyone you meet leaves you with something that allows you to understand the world a little more.


    The most important thing to remember is no matter what you are going through, no matter how lonely you may feel, you are never alone. Look around at all of the people who love you, who believe in you, and remember that they are always in your corner. 


    You’re going to find what is meant for you when the time is right. Let go of the idea that you are not doing it right, let go of those who don’t bring joy into your life. Go after what you want, and be proud of how far you’ve come. 


    You are growing from the girl you are into the woman you were always meant to be, she is strong, and resilient. So keep dreaming of your bright future and keep hoping that you will be everything you have always wanted to become.


    I’m rooting for you!





Julianne is a Senior at William Paterson, majoring in Public Relations. She is one of the Co-Campus Correspondents for the Universities chapter, and also serves as the President of the Student Public Relations Association. She has always loved to write and enjoys sharing what she loves with the Her Campus community!
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