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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

A letter to my past self.


To Young Lindsey,

I am writing to you from 2021 and I want to give you a life update.


I know it’s probably a little weird right now for you, believe me it’s a little weird here too. You are about to turn 21! I know things are crazy but hey you’re crazy too so it works out. I know you’re dreaming of doing big things. I really don’t know what to write to you. I’ll give you an update. You are on track to become a highschool history teacher and you teach dance and coach cheer. You are doing everything you love. I have been thinking about Broadway, I know you would like that so just keep doing all the musicals and shows your heart desires. 


The only thing I am going to say is be prepared for what’s to come. The good and the bad, all I’m gonna say is that it’s gonna get crazy.


With Love,

The Older Version of You




I know I told you to dream big and everything just don’t dream of physically being big because, you will remain 4’ 9” until the end of time. 

Senior at WPU Secretary of WPUNJ Her Campus Secondary Education and History Major
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