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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

For us college women, eventually we will reach the point of our new career path where we need to transition our everyday routine. For internships or new job opportunities in the professional world, most companies require a business casual or formal looking attire. The way you dress for your new job is important for representing yourself with the company! However, it’s not always easy transitioning from casual to business casual.

Here are some essentials to keep in your closet:

Solid Colors

Keeping it simple yet classy is a great way to start out with your new wardrobe. Add a handful of solid colored button-up shirts in your closet as a staple for layering and styling in multiple ways. Pair a plain white or black button up shirt with a simple black blazer and you have already amplified your look!

This can work with basic tees as well! Have a plain white tee already in your wardrobe? Throw on a statement piece over it and you have transformed the basic tee into a look that will stand out.

Solid colored, basic clothing items are so versatile as they can be styled in so many ways to enhance your personal style.

A Blazer

As I mentioned earlier, you can dress up your basic, solid colored clothing with statement pieces, like a blazer. A blazer is the perfect piece for your closet, as it will easily add that extra touch to your professional look.

The Perfect Pair of Heels

For me, finding a professional pair of shoes that is also comfortable is not easy. Heels are the most practical option for most women, but it comes with the cost of blisters, scrapes, and cuts from a fresh pair. Finding a pair that offers comfortable durability for everyday use is based on a few factors!

Memory foam is the key to comfortability in any shoe. Heels come in many different shapes and sizes. How high or low you can tolerate a heel will be a factor in your level of comfortability. Can you walk in a super gorgeous tall heel, but end up with cuts and scrapes from the first few wears? Or do you prefer a short heel with comfortable insoles for everyday use? It all depends on your preference!

Alternate shoe options if you’re just not a fan of heels include loafers, ankle boots for the cold seasons, or flats!

Versatile Bottoms

Along with versatile, simple tops come a perfect pair of bottoms! You can’t go wrong with black pants, they go with everything! Got a fun colored statement top? Pair it with a simple black or white pair of bottoms and you’ve got a work outfit!

Brianna is a Communications major with a focus on Media Studies and a minor in Public Relations. Writing is one of her many passions and she is excited to be a member of the Her Campus community.