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How Much Water?

When it comes to your drink of choice, it seems that it’s either Diet Coke, an ice lattee or sweet tea. But how many times is it ever water?

The average American walks around dehydrated day in and day out, unaware that what their body needs is not another glass of orange juice, but a nice tall glass of lemon water. Water is what our body is promarily made up of and we often take it for granted. Usually opting for  fizzy or sweet drink of some kind to play to our sugar addicitions. But the the truth is that we should be drinking roughly half our weight in ozs of water a day. Add another 8 ozs or every hour of exercise or cup of coffee. 



If you weight 120 pounds, you should be drinking about 60 ozs of water a day to keep hydrated give or take. The typical american rarely gets 20 ozs. So what happens if you don’t like water? 

A. You’ll learn to

B. You can spice it up.


Add a lemon slice for some fat burning qualities to your H2O. Berries are great for the skin to give you a more radiant and clear tone. Cucubers aid with digestion and inflammation. Adding fruits toyour water really add to not just hydration but kicking some major beauty butt.  

Another way to ensure you’re drinking water is by having an app to remind you to drink. Water alert is a free and great one to download to give an alarm for you to drink if you haven’t for awhile. It also keeps track of just how much you’re drinking. So you know if you need to sip a bit more if you’re in the clear. 


Speak of clear…

This may be TMI but a great indicator on your hydration level is in your pee. If it’s clear or a light yellow you are good to go. Once it starts to darken it’s time to have a nice cup of water or two. So make sure you’re choosing water everytime or as often as possible. It’s a foolproof way to keep your skin glowing and your body happy too!



Ana Valentin is a freshman at William Paterson with a wrong major in Environmental Science but will be transferring in the spring to Elementary Special Education and English Creative Writing, She has a burning love for all things glitter, beautiful, and fashionable. You'll probably find her in the student cafe sucking down a machiatto. If you do, feel free to say hello. She likes those too.
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