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Spring is finally here! We have survived the frigid winter! Soon stores will be filled with sun dresses, cute shorts, floral prints and, of course, sunglasses. Daydreams of beach trips and summer vacays are upon us. Gyms and parks will be occupied with those who want the perfect beach body. And somewhere in the world there will be a woman glumly starting at her body in her mirror. She will see herself as unworthy and ugly. Unfortunately, this happens to more than one girl — it happens across the nation. Women will stare in the mirror and not be pleased with their bodies. I say it’s time for a breakthrough! It’s time for us to let go of negative self-image and start seeing ourselves as fabulous queens. So, here are some tips to set yourself on the road to self love:

1)      Compliment yourself.

Stand in front of your mirror and find one feature that you like about yourself. Starting with that one feature can prompt you to find more. Loving one part can turn into loving all parts of you. Strike a pose, look in the mirror with a fierce attitude, and say something encouraging. It could be along the lines of “Look at you, you fine gorgeous cutie!” You are a priceless gem. No one on this earth is like you, and no one can compare to you.

2)      Accept that you are a beautifully flawed creature.

Everyone has imperfections. They make us human. Unfortunately, those flaws can bear down on us and make us feel inadequate. Learn to appreciate those flaws. They are a part of your individuality. Accept yourself for who you are and work hard at being the greatest you can be.

3)      Remember that you don’t need anyone to validate your beauty.

Your opinion is what matters most. As soon as you take on a positive mentality about yourself, you won’t need to look for people’s approval. Having someone compliment you can be a great thing. But if you constantly depend on other people’s opinion of you then you will never see yourself as beautiful.

4)      Smile

Did you know that smiling lowers your heart rate and relaxes the body? Start your day off with a smile. It will brighten your day and put you in a better mood. The serotonin released from smiling acts as an anti-depressant. Smiling will not only lift up your day, but it will make others around you smile too. Smiling is infectious, and it can change the outcome of your day.





Hey! How ya doing? The name's Brianna but I prefer to be called Bri. I'm a junior at William Paterson University. Treasurer and Staff Writer of Her Campus.
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