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How I Afford Sephora on a Broke College Girl’s Budget

Hey Loves! Almost every girl wants to have the whole Sephora store in the makeup bag. And I’ve figured out a way to get that! I’m broke and understand they are not cheap, but here are a few hacks on how to get the most makeup for the lowest price1

Number 1- Weekly Wow

Sephora has sales and it’s a great way to buy makeup! It’s still good don’t worry and sometimes it’s the most popular products in the website, but half the price.

Number 2-Codes

This is the best way to try new products and see if you actually like them or not. They’re free testers, usually with a $25 purchase. 


Number 3-Rewards Bazaar

This is an amazing way to get free makeup, perfume, hair products, skin care, all for free! You do have to be a Beauty Insider, but its free to sign up.

Number 4-Beauty Insider

This truly the only rewards card I have that I find worth it. Enough said. Go sign up!

Number 5-Value Sets

These have become my main source of makeup. The price you pay for 10 mini lipsticks or mascaras is the amount you’ll pay for one sometimes! These are the best deals you could ask for!

Number 6-Never stop checking the website

I understand how crazy this sounds, but things are constantly changing so maybe one day they don’t have your favorite lipstick on sale, but the next day they might. 

Last but not least, Number 7

You can’t be afraid to pay a pretty penny. I know Sephora is expensive, but I’ve spent $50 and got 10 products both trial and full size. 

Sephora and all high end makeup cna be expensive, but you have to learn the website in order to be able to get the most bang for your buck.

Alright Loves! Go out and get yourself some new makeup xoxo


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