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How to Have a Positive, Productive Semester


    In honor of this fabulous fall semester, here are 5 ways to ensure adventure, laughter, positivity, and the golden path to Dean’s List.

1. START ASSIGNMENTS IMMEDIATELY AFTER RECEIVING THEM. If there is one thing I have learned throughout my college experience, this is it! Waiting until the last minute to complete assignments can quickly cause stress and anxiety. Look through your syllabi and start working on any assignments that are due during the upcoming week. If your professor assigned homework in class, try your best to start the same day. This habit will not only keep you on top of your studies but also eliminate procrastination.

2. CREATE AND MAINTAIN A PERSONALIZED ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEM. As we all know, organization plays a huge factor in one’s college experience. If you stay organized, you will be able to balance a 15-credit schedule, a job, club/activities, and a social life. Design an organizational system that works best for you. If you like writing, invest in a planner and create to-do lists. If you are more of the artistic type, use a chalkboard and make a creative, weekly goals list. There are various ways to maintain organization. Try out a few, and start the process of elimination in order to figure out what style of organization fits you best.

3. JOIN ONE CLUB THAT TIES INTO YOUR MAJOR AND ONE CLUB THAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT.  This method works because of two reasons: 1) you will become involved on campus and meet new people and, 2) you will have something to put on your resume other than attending classes and receiving your degree. An educational club will help you build professional relationships and increase your likelihood of finding a job after college. A social club holds equal importance; it will help you meet friends and create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime! Overall, joining a club can lead to a positive semester and aid in advancing your career. 

4. SEEK PLEASURE IN EVERYTHING YOU DO. This is crucial for a positive semester! Participating in anything that you do not fully enjoy will only hinder your ability to enjoy your college experience. Figure out what brings you joy so you can cultivate more time for those activities.

5. CELEBRATE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS EACH DAY. I discovered this idea from the creator of  The Champagne Diet, a blog written by Cara Alwill Leyba. Each night, before going to bed, write down a list of what you have accomplished that day. Once you focus on what you DID complete, you will always feel accomplished! This exercise can help increase your motivation, boost your confidence, and will uplift your overall mood.

A college sophomore majoring in Print Journalism and Public Relation who has an undeniable love for fashion/lifestyle blogging, self-care rituals, M & M Peanuts, and practicing self-love daily. 
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