Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Through The Years


Hillary Clinton: During these years her daughter, Chelsea, was born in 1980. Clinton also supported her husband, Bill, when he was reelected Governor in 1982. He later appointed Hillary head of the Arkansas Education Standards Committee one year later. 


Donald Trump: During these years his two children, Ivanka (1981) and Eric (1984), were born. Donald Trump also celebrated the accomplishment of  completing of Trump Tower, in NYC, in 1982. Later, in 1987 he published The Art of the Deal, which spent 51 weeks on the New York Times best seller list. This lead him to appear on the cover of Time magazine in 1989. 




Hillary Clinton: In 1992, Hillary and Bill appeared on 60 Minutes to respond to the Gennifer Flowers statement, who claimed her and Bill had a 12 year sexual relationship. That same year Bill Clinton announced he was running for president. Hillary Clinton becomes First Lady and is sworn in, in 1993. Also, in 1993 Hillary is appointed Chair of Health Care Task Force and is the first First Lady to have her own national publication published (The Hillary Clinton Quarterly). Later, in 1994, Hillary holds the successful ‘Pretty In Pink’ press conference to explain that she wasn’t involved in the Whitewater real estate scandal. In 1996, Hillary’s It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Our Children Teach Us is published. 


Donald Trump:  In 1990, Donald has a public divorce from his first wife, Ivana, and was also removed from Forbes 400 list. Donald Trump also files for bankruptcy for the first time in 1991 due to some business failures. He marries his second wife, Marla, and has another child, Tiffany Trump, in 1993. Three years later Donald Trump decides to buy the Miss Universe organization. Later, in 1999, he divorces his second wife, Marla. 






Hillary Clinton: In the year 2000, Hillary is elected to the U.S. Senate from New York Defense Representative, Rick Lazio. From 2001-2009, as a New York Senator, she sponsored 363 bills and had 11 successfully enacted. During this time Hillary also co-sponsored 1,530 bills. In 2007, Hillary announces her campaign for the presidency, but later ends it since President Obama gained enough delegates to become the nominee. Later, President Obama nominated Hillary be the 67th U.S. Secretary of State, which she took the opportunity to Haiti to help with disaster relief. Hillary’s last days of U.S. Secretary of State was in 2013. She also testified before Senate Foreign Relations Committee about attack at Benghazi that same year. 



Donald Trump: In 2003, Donald files a suit against a Native American tribe, Eastern Pequots, who was his rival developer. Donald Trump’s hit show, The Apprentice, aired for the first time in 2004. In 2005, he marries again to his current wife, Melania, and had a son, Barron, in 2006. Donald receives  a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007. Later in 2012, Donald Trump offers President Obama $5 million to any charity if the president released his birth certificate, because Donald didn’t believe Obama was an American citizen. Two years later, Donald sues Trump Entertainment Resorts to have his named removed from Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza casinos because they weren’t up to his standards. 



Currently 2015-2016


Hillary Clinton: In March of 2015, it became publicly known that Hillary used her family’s private email account for official communication purposes during her time as U.S. Secretary of State. Even though she has apologized, many believe this was very careless and could have been easily targeted since these emails were later deemed classified by the State Department. 


Donald Trump: In 2015, NBC decided to cut all ties with Donald due to his immigration remarks during his campaign. In 2016, a video surfaced of Donald Trump and Billy Bush   talking about women in a crude manner. Donald even bragged about groping and kissing women saying, “When you’re a star, they let you do it...You can do anything.” Many Republican leaders criticized Donald about this saying it was encouraging sexual assault, especially since Donald Trump said, “Grab them by the p---y” in the video. Donald has made statements about his actions and the video, but never formally apologized. 


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