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Halloween Costumes Based Off Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re anything like me, choosing a Halloween costume is one of the most stressful choices. Ever. Do I want to look sexy? Do I want to make people laugh? Will people laugh if I try to look sexy? Lots of dilemmas. But not this year. This year I have created a full-proof costume guide for all you astro-babes out there. 



Aries are described as the ram of astrology. These fire signs are known for their passion, high energy levels, and extreme compassion. 

Your costume is:


A superhero! Aries are also very heroic and bold. Not to mention, they are ruled by Mars, which is the planet of war and energy. 


Ah the scales! Lucky libras are known for being extremely charming. They are ruled by Venus, meaning they are blessed by the planet of beauty and love. 

Your costume is: 

Marilyn Monroe! Or any celebrity in that case. It will help highlight your natural charm and sensuality. 


These Venus-ruled bulls are really just big romantics hidden behind a hard shell. They love food, comfort, music, and nice clothing. They are also very hard workers. 

Your costume is:

A Victoria’s Secret Angel! Tauruses have a love for luxury and silk, so the robe will be perfect. 


These Pluto-based water signs are the people that have the most passionate feelings. They are fiercely loyal and protective, but love to have their own space at times. 

Your costume is: 

A lion! These animals are just as intense and strong as scorpios. 


These vibrant air signs are ruled by the planet of communication- Mercury. They are great with words and very thoughtful people. Known as the twins, geminis crave for a soul deep connection with everyone they surround themselves with. 

Your costume is:

Harley Quinn! Geminis are known for the mischievous twinkle in their eyes, just like her!


These fire signs are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. Sag’s are known for being extremely optimistic and inspiring. They are dedicated and not afraid of adventure.

Your costume is:

A tourist! This will showcase Sag’s sense of humor and adventure. 


Known as the crab, Cancers are ruled by the moon, which is the ruler of moods and emotions. They are nurturers by heart and great listeners. While they have a lot of their own emotions, they will always make time to listen to yours.

Your costume is:

A teacher! Cancer’s love being able to share their wisdom and watch others grow. 


These extremely resilient Earth signs are ruled by Saturn — the planet of discipline and maturity. They are honest and fearless, and very good planners. 

Your costume is:

A Deer! Capricorns like to stick to their roots, so a deer is perfectly fitting for these earth signs!


If you are a Leo, you probably have a very big, lively personality. They have huge hearts, and a brutally honest personality. They are known for their courage and expression. 

Your costume is:

Rihanna! She is the only one that can match your fabulous celebrity sized personality. 


These Earth signs are helpful and witty. They love cleaning and organizing, and everything they do is very well thought out. 

Your costume is:

A hippie! Virgos rule the sixth house of health and fitness, wellness and all things “green”.


These water signs have huge imaginations and are extremely comforting to others. They are the “old souls” of astrology and crave very deep and genuine human connection. 

Your costume is:

Eleven from Stranger Things! Pisces gals are a ride-or-die kind of people, just like her!  


Julia is a communications major from William Paterson University who has always had a passion for writing.
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