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From Grey’s Anatomy to American Horror Story These Are the Top Fall T.V Shows to Look Out For

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

Fall is an exciting time of year, not only for the obvious reasons like fashion, changing leaves, and pumpkin spice but also for television!


Grey’s Anatomy

Much anticipated season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy kicked off September 22nd and it has already torn at the heart strings of long time fans. This season is going to be full of twist and turns for the four original cast members.




Recent Emmy nominated show Black-ish is returning this fall with a much anticipated season. This show continues to break grounds on race, socioeconomics, and family dynamics.



The Voice

This season not only did we gain two powerhouse female judges, but Wé McDonald, a fellow WP Pioneer, will be joining Alicia Keys’ team. Be sure to tune in and support her on this amazing journey!



American Horror Story

Even prior to the season beginning on September 14th fans had no idea what season 6 was going to be about. The season premier told us the title which is My Roanoke Nightmare. This left fans thinking they knew what it was going to be about. Episode 6 is being speculated about, in that its going to revel the true meaning of the season.




In the comments below let us know what fall shows you are most excited about as well as ones you think are too hyped about?

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