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Give Thanks: 15 Things to Be Grateful For



Thanksgiving has officially arrived.

       It’s time for that delicious pumpkin pie, yummy baked mac-and-cheese, and mouthwatering glazed ham your mother slaved hours on. Before we pick up our forks and knives, it is crucial to take a moment and evaluate what matters most on holidays like this: gratitude. It’s called “Thanksgiving” for a reason–it’s the time of the year to reconnect with loved ones and evaluate all the things you’re grateful for. Although life can be difficult at times, there are various reasons to be thankful. Forgot what they are? Let me remind you. Here are 15 things to be thankful for (this might not all apply, but I bet you can relate to at least one thing on this list):


  1. You are enrolled in college. Many people do not obtain the privilege to further their education.

  2. You have supportive and loving friends.

  3. You have family in your corner and, no matter how much they drive you crazy, they are always there for you.

  4. You have the chance to spend time with loved ones for Thanksgiving. Not everyone has that opportunity.

  5. You have a house to go back to when school is not in session.

  6. You are halfway through the fall semester and haven’t drop out of school.

  7. You are employed and able to take care of yourself.

  8. You are able to walk, jump, run, etc.

  9. You are healthy.

  10. You have shoes on your feet and clothes on your back.

  11. You have a talent that brings joy and happiness into your life.

  12. 2017 is almost over–you’ve made it.

  13. You have functioning eyes and are able to read this article.

  14. You are able to move your fingers/hands and do things like scroll through Her Campus on the computer.

  15. You are alive and have another opportunity to live your best life.

A college sophomore majoring in Print Journalism and Public Relation who has an undeniable love for fashion/lifestyle blogging, self-care rituals, M & M Peanuts, and practicing self-love daily. 
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