Garnier Skin and Hair Goodies 2k18

Garnier Goodies fall 2k18

So, this semester WPUNJ had the honor of testing out some new Garnier products, and we thought why not? They already had us loving their other hair care products why not give this a try?

In our little bundle boxes, we got Garnier’s Skin Active Micellar Cleaning water, and Garnier’s hair masks and rose Mist spray.

So, let’s get this started,

Disclaimer: the girls who took part in the goodies tried out the products with me for a week straight😊 that way we could get the full experience and see some short-time results.

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleaning Water:

So, this is a must-have. Every one of us girls went out the night we got these and pounded on the makeup like no contour artist has seen before. We tried every eyeshadow look in the book and added the tough and stubborn…liquid lip sticks.  *scary music plays in background* since the new formulas of makeup are now produced to be very long-lasting and 24hr staying; it’s a bit hard for regular makeup wipes to get EVERYTHING off. However, with the Cleansing water we dampened up a cotton pad and it took off almost half of my face with one side of the pad! It was amazing, my face didn’t feel sticky, or dirty it just felt as if I had freshly washed my face and applied toner! Honestly, every girl should have this in her makeup bag.

Garnier Hair masks:

For me, this didn’t do much for my hair. I have massive, thick, curly hair and Garnier shampoo works well however, the masks only say to be kept on for a minute and it just makes it feel like a second conditioner rather than an actual mask; I expected the mask to have sort of a thicker consistency, but it was very light and thin. I used the sample amount which was a palm full and thought it was be enough however it didn’t do a lot for all my hair. Even though it was a flop for me I’m sure for someone who doesn’t have as thick hair would get better use out of it. Still using the OG shampoo though!

Garnier Rose Mist Spray:

For a refresher after having a no makeup day, its perfect. Even though I thought it would be close to the Mario Badescu rose Spray I was so wrong. Garnier’s is so much lighter and smells much nicer. And as a plus, it’s not as strong so it doesn’t have you break out! Mario Badescu is great but since the ingredients are so strong, It makes people like me (oily skinned) to break out more than ever. However, after using the Garnier one all week my skin has never felt more refreshed! 10/10 keeping in my purse.

That's all for now ladies!