This week not only do we celebrate Thanksgiving but also can celebrate Friendsgiving. Now you may be wondering “What’s Friendsgiving?” Well it’s pretty much what I sounds like, its thanksgiving spent with your closest friends. Now we all know how stressful the holidays are so adding another social event to our calendar may seem scary. But that’s the point of Friendsgiving, it’s meant to be fun and stress free. Below are a few tips to make Friendsgiving run smoother and be more enjoyable for everyone.

Decide a date and time for your Friendsgiving celebration.

                It may seem obvious but sometimes you have other dinners to go to and family that wants to spend time with you the evening of Thanksgiving. So you can pick any day before that Thursday.


Decide who has the best place to host you Friendsgiving celebration.

                Again nothing formal, unless you want to. As a host you decide how you want the setting to look. As long as everyone is comfortable you don’t have to put out 100 piece place settings.

Decide who brings what to dinner.

                It’s pretty much the same concept as a pot luck. Everyone brings a dish and you get to taste everyone’s cooking. Just make sure that there’s a list of who’s bringing what so you don’t have a table full of side salads and dinner rolls. Also make sure you check for allergies! 


Bring in some traditional Thanksgiving practices

                I think that it is super important for us to reflect on all the good things going on in our lives. To analyze our past year and say aloud what and who I am thankful for. You should definitely go around and ask everyone what they are thankful for.

Have fun, don’t stress its Friendsgiving!

                This a chill holiday and gives you a chance to just hang out with your best friends. Watch moves, have drinks, play games, just enjoy each other’s company.

Friendsgiving may seem a little silly but it’s a cool way to start traditions with the people you hope will be in your life for a long time.