Favorite Finals Goodies!

Squad Gifts and Finals Stress Relievers! 



The holiday season is around the corner and finals have us stressed to the max and HC Nationals has been super kind enough to help us finish out strong with loads of goodies that appeal to any collegiette! Here are our favorites from the lot!


Vera Bradley Zip ID Case

For the hustle and bustle of college life we all know that sometimes we misplace things, important things like our ID’s or debit cards! These stylish cases keep our important stuff under wraps while adding some color to our keychain!


TRESemmé’s Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray

Don’t have enough time to make your hair decent for class? Have to run to your final but your hair is a mess? This sea salt spray gives a new name to the whole ‘messy undone’ look. A few spritzes here and there and it’ll look natural and as if you’ve just come off the beach!


Chipotle BOGO Cards & Free Entrée Cards

Ah, the gift of giving, especially when it comes to food. Whether you’ve been gift wrapping too much or studying like mad treat yourself, (and you’re girlfriend!) to a BOGO chipotle burrito, bowl, or tacos!