The Fab Four of the Transfer Student Club

At William Paterson University the array of clubs and organizations on campus make it very diverse and allows students to branch and out and find their niché. Honing in on one in particular, The WP Transfer Student Club is one of the most successful and integrated organizations that our college has to offer with over 1000 followers on Instagram @WP_TSC. This specialized club is designed to assist and connect transfer students with one another and the university and make it feel a little bit more like home and bridge the gap between the transition.


Four women of the TSC have been moving forces in helping the organization grow and have gone out of their way to help fellow transfer students. These women give a great name to not only the club but William Paterson as a whole.


Tia Gaillard

In the most literal sense of the word , the “pioneer” of the Transfer Student Club is Tia Gaillard, an inspiring psychology and sociology major with a concentration in Human Services started the club in the beginning of her last year at WP.  As a transfer student herself she recognized that fellow transfer students needed additional support and thought of a way to create a club that promoted traditional and transfer students coming together through fun activities and academic events. 

“I encourage you all to set goals and follow your dreams because dreams do come true.”


As a wife and mother of five, as well as graduate of William Paterson as of last spring her accomplishments are outstanding. Tia has been able to make amazing friends in Psi Chi, become a part of the honor society for psychology and SGA. But collegiettes she’s not leaving yet! Currently enrolled in the Applied Sociology program at WP, Tia is excited to continue her journey here.  



Tierra Dunn

Another powerful member of TSC Tierra Dunn has helped pave the way for others.  Previously enrolled in the County College of Morris she also was a part of the transfer club there do to the similar goals and interests in connecting people; it also allowed her to branch out and meet new people within the school. Now a student of WP, Tierra majors in Media Production and dances professionally in her spare time, while still juggling her role in the TSC, this collegiette does it all!

“Dance is life. Dance is a feeling, a feeling that I can’t explain. I lose myself and it feels as if all my problems go away. It feels like I’m in love and there’s no one else but dance and me. I dance professionally and I hope I can do it forever.”



Amanda Hollenbeck

Amanda, a junior at William Paterson and an English writing major and psychology minor is one of the fabulous four members of the TSC.  When she’s not being the PR Chair of the Transfer Student Club she’s being an academic weapon striving to get the best grades she can achieve. She loves to read and write! Amanda hopes to publish the novel she is currently working on by the time she graduates! While she knows becoming a published writer will be the hardest challenge of her life she is still determined to put all of her energy into the one thing she loves. Bravo collegiette!

"Harness your skills as a creator, a thinker, an individual–and let that guide you to where you need to go from where you are now. As I finish my junior year in college, I worry about where I'm going to be in the next few years after I graduate. I think about how students aren't getting jobs, how people aren't making the money they need to live on their own, how people with degrees are struggling, but I need to remember why I invested myself in a college education, and so do you.


She pushes everyone to remember why it is that you came to college, to continue to find that drive to pursue what you want to do everyday for the rest of your life. Amanda knows all the sacrifies will be worth it in the end and hopes everyone that’s reading this can too.



Jaclyn Desensi



Last but definitely not least Jaclyn is going above and beyond with a double major in psychology and art studio. As the secretary of the TSC she loves being a part of the club. Jaclyn says it addresses the issues that she herself had as a transfer, and it’s allowed her to make a lot of new friends and connections!

“I’m interested in the scientific side of psychology and the creativity of art and I hope I can use both of them together after school.”


In her spare time Jaclyn tries out new kinds of music or checks out different concerts and festivals!