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Eric Dargis: WPUNJ’s Rising Star

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.
Name: Eric Dargis
Hometown: Dumont, New Jersey
Major: Media Production Major with a minor in Media Studes and Sociology
Year: Sophomore
Involvement:  Assistant Program Director at WP88.7 Brave New Radio; Co-Host of Late Night with James Nuzzo and Eric Dargis.
Fun Fact: I love tattoos. I’m getting my third tattoo this month of Arcade Fire’s album ‘The Suburbs’
Favorite Quote: “Never tell me the odds.” – Unknown
HC: Why did you decide to attend WPUNJ?
ED: I came to Willy P because I fell in love with the radio and TV stations. I knew it was a place where I would have the opportunities to create and get involved in right away.
HC:  What is your favorite thing about WPUNJ?
ED: My favorite thing is that we are given the opportunity to get involved immediately. It being a small school lets us be a part of everything much sooner.
HC: What gave you the idea to start your new Late Night Show?
ED: James Nuzzo, Dylan Shley, and I all wanted to start a late night show, so we spent the summer preparing it. We wanted to give the campus a show that everyone could appreciate, enjoy, and relate to.
HC: Why do you like being involved in WPUNJ’S Brave New Radio
ED: Brave New Radio isn’t just any college radio station. We are an award-winning station with international reconigtion. We are a family. I never had any plans to work in radio, butI couldn’t resist being part of such an amazing program. (I can be heard Thursday morning from 6-9am and starting next semester, Friday’s 3-5pm.)
HC: What do you hope to accomplish within the next year?
ED: I would like to spend the next year getting Late Night up to its full potenital. I’d also like to get an internship that will give me hands-on experience in the television industry.
HC: What do you hope to do when you graduate WPUNJ?
ED: I would like to find a job in television that gives me the chance to work my way up the ladder and produce my own television industry.
HC: We’ve heard a rumor that you did stand up comedy. Is it true?
ED: Yes! I have preformed stand up comedy in several clubs in NYC. It’s rewarding and a huge rush to get big laughs from crowds of people you’ve never seen before. At the same time, it is horrifying and stressful. It’s a great way to get rid of any public speaking fears you may have because nothing is more intense than trying to make a room full of strangers like you enough to laugh at your jokes.
HC: Do you think we’ll ever see you in Hollywood someday?
ED: I’m not sure if I’ll ever be famous, but hopefully one day you will see me collecting Emmys as a show runner!
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