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Do You Know Your Undertone for Foundation?

Are you always wearing foundations and concealers that make you look too pale? Do you find that every time you try to look tan, you end up looking orange? It could be because you do not know what your undertone color is. We found this quick guide on Beautylish that’s sure to help the next time you go makeup shopping!

Source: http://www.beautylish.com/a/vxirv/how-to-find-your-undertone

Valissa Hicks is a senior at WPUNJ, currently majoring in communications, with an emphasis on public relations and minoring in professional sales. She is graduating in Spring 2016 and cannot wait to start her professional career!  Her ultimate career goal is to be an event planner/coordinator for major corporations or possibly work under major event planners in NYC. Being a huge sports lover and a die hard Giants and Devils fan, she would love to experience something in that area as well. Traveling the world and understanding people better is something she hopes to accomplish as well. She is up for any challenge that comes her way and is always happy to help a person in need. Currently residing in Rockland County, NY with her grandparents, Scout (her puppy), her older brother and sister. She loves reading, fashion, makeup and food! Cooking and baking are an integrate part of her life and loves creating new recipes for her friends and family to try. 
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