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books on brown wooden shelf
books on brown wooden shelf
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Disney Knows Our Midterms Misery!

Leaves are browning, the temperature is dropping, and the sun is starting to set before dinner time.  That means it’s that time of year- the time of year where our morning coffee breathes the sweet aroma of Midterms Week. That’s right, Collegiettes.  Midterms week is just around the corner and is more than just the exam.  The struggles of the pre-exam preparation and anxiety contemplate dropping out of school and becoming a Disney Princess. But even our favorite childhood characters know how it is when it comes to our struggle!


1. It’s a week before your exam and your professor hands you the study with more pages than your hand can count.


2. Then you actually look at it and realize you have no idea what any of it is about. 


3. You and your friends from class immediatley exchange numbers and decide to have a group study session, but it doesn’t work out cause you get nothing done.


4. The next day You decide to crack down on your work


5. But the second you crack open the book, you realize you want some food in your system before you get started.


6. But instead of a quick snack, why not make a gourmet meal to procrastinate even more?


7. Once you’re done you work on a page of the study guide and call it quits for the night


8. After a few days of not thinking about it, you decide to try again and get some early studying done.


8. Then that one friend comes around and tries to pressure you into doing something.


9. Then you do and start to regret it


10. The next day rolls around, and you really try to lock in on preparing but trying to focus is nearly impossible.


11. Before you know it, it’s the night before the exam and it’s do or die.


12. Your roommates see studying you and question your well-being


13. Then you think “I can’t handle this.”


14. So your best friend comes over to give you a “pep talk”



15. After pulling an all nighter, you make your coffee the morning of the exam to get that energy boost


16. You get to class and get handed the test and all you can think about is what is going to happen if you fail.


17. You look through the packet and realize there are essay questions


18. Oh yeah, and “fill in the blanks”


19. So you give yourself that pep talk to help you rip through the test. Cause at this point all you gotta do is get through it.


20. You finish the test early, and hand it to the professor.  You walk out with no knowledge of whether it was easy or you didn’t know crap. But It’s over!


Prepping for midterms can be really stressful. Especially when you have them in multiple classes.  It’s always good to remember to learn how to manage time and not stress cause you will most likely do better.  Wishing all of you collegiettes Good Luck on your midterms!






Alexis hails from Bergen County, New Jersey and is a junior at William Paterson University. To her friends she's known as Alexis or Lex. She studies Media Production and Graphic design and plans to study marketing or sports management. She also works for WPU Recreational Services as a Fitness Center attendant and videographer. Alexis is a sports junkie, especially for the New York Yankees. She also loves film, television, social media, and playing sports. Her dream one day is to work in the sports media industry whether it is behind the scenes or being the next Erin Andrews! Her favorite shows are Friends and Friday Night LIghts, her favorite movies are The Dark Knight trilogy and Back To The Future. She enjoys all music from Rap to Country. She can mostly be found either studying in Hobart Hall or working out in the Rec Center.
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