Cupid, the Son of the Love Goddess, Venus, and the War God, Mars

Name: Cupid, or in Greek mythology, Eros!

Hometown: Rome

Major: Relationship Counseling

Activities/clubs: Creating lovers with the shot of an arrow, causing uncontrollable desire for someone

Relationship status: It’s Complicated


Fun Facts

Dream job: Love Counselor...wait I’m already that, duh.

Pet peeve: When people comment on my curly perm

Celeb crush: Ryan Reynolds


Love Life

First thing you notice about a girl: Her smile

Your most attractive quality: My cherub cheeks

First kiss: I don’t kiss and tell ;)

Best pick-up line: Hello, Cupid called... he says to tell you that he needs my heart back.




Song: Accidentally In Love - Smash Mouth

Movie: A Walk to Remember

TV Show: The Bachelor

Book: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Sport: Sumo Wrestling, it’s like you’re hugging all the time!

Dessert: Angel Food Cake


Just For Fun

Celebrity Look-a-like: John C. Reilly...we’ve got the hair down. He’s Will Ferrel’s step brother in, well, Step Brothers.