College Cocktails &Mocktails: Bringing You The Faves Every Month

Yes, we all know that college students love their alcohol. But when did we start settling for that questionable frat guy’s jungle juice every weekend? It’s time, us college students, get out of our weekend rut and try some new recipes. Here are some quick and easy cocktail ideas for those 21 and over. Remember, drink responsibly. For those under the age of 21, don't worry we got you with some fun mocktails!

Alcoholic Recipes

1. Honey Berry Sling


Great for anyone who loves fruity drinks and dislikes strong liqueur. This recipe is equivalent to a wine cooler (Seagram’s or Mikes Hard). 

1oz Below Honey Vodka or plain Vodka

.5oz Raspberry Liqueur (optional)

3oz Cranberry Juice

For more instructions click here.


2.  Adult Chocolate Milk

You may be in college, but we all miss our kid chocolate milk days. Now, with this recipe, you can secretly bring out your inner kid-just don't get naked, that's too childish.

1oz Vodka

1oz Hazelnut Liqueur (optional)

1oz Irish Cream Liqueur 

1oz Coffee Liqueur (optional) 

For more instructions click here.


3. Mint Julep


If you are ever in a really fancy restaurant or date, and have no clue what to order, remember this name! It’s a refreshing and sophisticated choice and everyone will be impressed by how utterly cultured you are. Or you're at the Kentucky Derby.

3oz Bourbon Whiskey

Granulated Sugar (to taste)

Mint Leaves (to taste)

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Non Alcoholic Recipes

1. Apple-Ginger Sparklers


There is nothing wrong with whipping up an upscale alcohol free drink, especially in you’re driving! 

1/4 cup Ginger Syrup 

4 1/2 cups Sparkling Apple Cider

6 Cinnonman Sticks (optional)

6 pieces Crystalized Ginger (optional)

For more instructions click here.


2. Pink Grapefruit "Margaritas"

If you’re out on the town but feel like keeping it low key, try this! It looks like a margarita and won’t leave you hungover the next day; what could be better? 

2 talespoons Sanding Sugar

1 Lime

6 teaspoons Pomegranate Syrup or Grendadine

1 1/2 cups Pink Grapefruit Juice

For more instructions click here.


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