CJ Cole

Name:​ CJ Cole

Year: ​Junior

Hometown: ​Woodbridge, NJ

Major: ​Marketing

Minor:​ N/A

Activities/clubs: ​Sigma Pi

Sign: ​Sagittarius 

Relationship status: Single

Fun Facts

Favorite Quote: "Shooters shoot"

Pet peeve:​ Bad WIFI

Celeb crush: Zendaya

Love Life

First thing you notice about a crush: Body, Appearance

Your most attractive quality: You tell me!

First kiss:​ 6th grade

Turn-on:​​ Sense of humor

Turn-off: Nagging...it's a no go

Perfect date: N/A


Song: Too many too choose

Movie: Space Jam

Book: ​N/A

Dessert: ​Brownies

Just For Fun

Choose a super-power: Superhuman powers (Telepathy, Flying, Invisibility, etc.)

Best class you’ve taken at WPUNJ: Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts)

Choose three people to have dinner with – one living, one dead, and one fictional: ​N/A

Where someone can find you on campus: Overlook North


Instagram: Cjcolejr

Twitter: Cjcolee

Facebook: N/A