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Calling You Out on SM


Social media was meant for all, but some people just did not get an appropriate education on how to properly use it. Some who come to mind are some men I may or may not follow on these social sites. Without calling them out individually, I’ll let them guess if this applies to them, and they can use these hints to just STOP.


Instagram Dude: Listen if you have a nice car, cool, post it once, maybe twice, when you get it (especially if you’re young and paid for it yourself, props) and if it gets a car wash. Besides that, you look like a DOUCHE. Do you want to look like one? NO. Well… maybe there’s a few of you who do, but please, except if you are giving me the car as a gift, I don’t want to see it on my feed.

Next, if you have a car that looks like you can bring it into the woods, and it would be a typical camping car, DO NOT put it on Instagram, except if there is some artsy background with twinkling lights on it to make it look better. Nobody cares about your car. We all have cars.


Snapchat Bro: Stop taking selfies way to close to your face, in which case I can see every color in your eyeball. Also, if you use the puppy filter, PLEASE do not make it any of your profile pictures. You will definitely get a left swipe on Tinder.


Next, DON’T write stories on your snaps. If your snap story is a continuous a picture with a paragraph on each one, you are committing a snap chat crime in my eyes. It should be short and simple. I am not trying to read an essay of your opinions on my Snapchat App.



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